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Welcome to the website of the Technologisch Gezelschap!

We are the study association for all chemical engineering studies at the TU Delft (BSc Molecular Science and Technology and MSc Chemical Engineering). We are working hard to keep the website up to date, and of course we are open to every idea and your feedback to improve our website.


  • Ladies Dinner

    10 oktober 2016

    Dear students,

    Last Friday our annual women-in-industry dinner took place during which 30 of our students, both master and bachelor, could integrate with six female leaders from Shell, Dow and Air Liquide. The event took place in Rotterdam at restaurant Fjord and started off with prosecco and presentations of all three companies. After the main dish, a panel discussion was held with challenging questions regarding different themes; young female professionals, leadership, and innovation. During the coffee and tea at the end of the evening an unexpected guest had arrived at our event. It turned out to be Jeroen van der Veer, former CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, who was also having dinner at the restaurant. A nice surprise.

    We really enjoyed the dinner and hopefully the ladies learned a lot about the three companies and the role and importance of women in the industry. We would like to thank Dow, our main sponsor, together with Shell and Air Liquide who also contributed to the evening.
    With events like this, we would like to stress out the importance of gender equality and aswell to give women a better insight in their future careers.

    Kind regards,

    The ladies of the Board 123.

  • October Update

    06 oktober 2016

    Dear students,

    It is already five weeks ago since we formally took over from our predecessors.
    A lot of events have already taken place, to start with the official the opening of the bar in the new faculty building on the 22st of September.

    We were pleased to see so many familiar and new faces. It is our ambition to make this a vital meeting place for our colleagues and the student, a place were people can enjoy themselves and discuss new ideas.

    One week later, last Friday, the time had come to finally say goodbye to the old ChemE building. There was the possibility to attend a paintball game in the garden, to escape from an escape room and to join the delicious walking dinner!
    We ended the night with a party in the old cafetaria.

    Furthermore there are some carreer related events coming up. This Friday there will be a Ladies Dinner in Restaurant Fjord in Rotterdam. During the dinner there will be presentations from female leaders from Dow, Shell and Air Liquide. 
    Moreover a masters-only dinner will be organized on the 25th of November.

    After the exams a party for the first year bachelor students will be organized on the 4th of November.

    Make sure to mark these dates in your agenda, and watch our website for regular news updates, new pictures and exams.

    For now we wish you all good luck and success studying on your mid-terms.


    The 123rd board


  • TG summer update

    19 juli 2016

    Dear all,

    While most of you are currently enjoying your summer holiday (or working on your thesis) TG recently moved to the new faculty of Applied Sciences and the 122nd board is busy managing this radical change.  After all, for over 70 years  the ChemE building had been our home. After an extensive movement process we are happy to announce that we are up and running again!

  • Kort geleden hebben wij het droevige bericht ontvangen dat op 3 maart 2016, professor Kossen is overleden.

  • TG in maart

    02 maart 2016

    Beste lezer,

    Inmiddels is reeds enige vestreken tijd sinds de laatste update maar uiteraard hebben wij niet stil gezeten. Bij deze een korte recap van afgelopen maand en een aantal activiteiten die voor maart in de agenda staan.

Two weeks into the adademic year, I have nostalgic feelings for


TATA steel