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Welcome to the website of the Technologisch Gezelschap!

We are the study association for all chemical engineering studies at the TU Delft (BSc Molecular Science and Technology and MSc Chemical Engineering). We are working hard to keep the website up to date, and of course we are open to every idea and your feedback to improve our website.


  • Thesis Orientation Day

    01 december 2016

    Dear students,
    Yesterday the Thesis Orientation Day took place during the afternoon. Attached you can find the presentations that were held by the different sections. Please don’t forget to subscribe for a tour around a section via the following link:
    Presentation Beijerinckzaal (MEP, OMI, MECS, PPE, OM, CE)
    Presentation Korvezeezaal (BEP, IRS, BOC, ASM, TP, PBE)

  • Master diner

    28 november 2016

    Friday 25 November the master diner was held in restaurant 't Postkantoor. Two companies, FrieslandCampina and ExxonMobil, and 30 master students came together to enjoin diner and talk about the different companies. This was an excellent opportunity for the students to broaden their view for their future careers, and for the companies to get to know the CE master students.

    The diner was a great succes, and enjoyed by both the students and the employees of the companies.

  • Last Thursday the destinations of the foreign excursion tour 2017 had been announced. This year the tour will head to Munich, Switzerland and Italy. Untill the 17th of Januray 2017 you can subscribe for this trip. The 1st of febraury we will select the best candidates. You can find more information on the selection procedure ont his website, or you can send an email to for more information. There also will be an information lunch tuesday 20 december where more information will be provided and all your questions will be answered.

  • Dear members,
    From today the ticket sales for the upcoming Diesweek are opened. For the full program and enrolling for activities, click here.
    We are utterly exited and hope to see you all at the activities!
    Met ALARMerende groet,
    ACDcie '16-'17

  • Yesterday we went with 22 master students to Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam. During this visit we got introduced to GTL, gas to liquids, in which Shell is the leading company of this production process. This method has been studied and developed from the 60’s till now in Amsterdam. Currently they have their biggest plant in Qatar, but the grounding of this project is made in Amsterdam, which was a great example of exploring, developing and excecuting. After  a wonderful presentation of HP about GTL, an introduction to the Shell Graduate Program and a short break we could start with the Energy transition challenge and a guided tour through the STCA. I would like to thank all the participants of this excursion for their active attitude and some great questions. Thanks to their enthusiasm everybody had a wonderful day.


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