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Borrels - TG Café

Each Thursday you can have a drink with other TG members, we have two locations and where the drinks take place depends on the activities of that period. 

"Het Pand" is opened on some Thursdays from 16.00 till 21:00 for drinking a beer with fellow TG members. This is hosted in Bar Het Pand located in the city centre of Delft (Brabantse Turfmarkt 9, Delft).

We also have our own faculty bar: 'Bar het Lab', in the Applied Sciences building. Bar het Lab will be open on other Thursdays for drinks from 16:30 till 19:30

Below you will find a summary of all activities that will take place in 'Het Pand' and ‘Bar het Lab’ this period.

If you don't know how to reach Het Pand from Applied Sciences, you can watch this video.

Week Date Location
1.1 5 september Bar het Lab
1.2 12 september Bar het Lab
1.3 19 september Bar het Lab (16h-21h)
1.4 26 september Bar het Lab
1.5 3 oktober Bar het Lab
1.6 10 oktober Bar het Lab
1.7 17 oktober Het Pand (Theme drinksl)
1.8 24 oktober Bar het Lab 
1.9 31 oktober Bar het Lab (16h-21h & Blue Coins drinks!)
1.10 7 november Bar het Lab


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