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History of the boards

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The first board of TG dates back to 1890, the year of our establishment. The two founders of TG  also had a function in the board.

President U.J. Heerma van Voss Founder
First secretary W.A. Beukers
Second secretary and treasurer I.W.H. Westerbaan Muurling Founder


At this moment TG has known 123 boards. During the second world war there had been no change of boards so that is why the number of boards does not coincide with the age of our association. In the 126 years of TG, TG knew the following board functions:

President Representative central committee Commissioner
Vice President Excursion leader Commissioner of activities
1st secretary Domestic Excursion leader  Commissioner of education
2nd secretary Excursion leader foreign countries Commissioner propaedeutic exam
1st treasurer Excursion leader the Netherlands Commissioner Lustrum
2nd treasurer Excursion leader Benelux