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Excursions & Travels

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The aim of the 'Technologisch Gezelschap' was formulated in 1890 by Art. 1 of the statutes:

  • Arranging speeches of chemical (engineering) interests. 
  • Arranging and evaluating excursions in agreement with H. H. teachers. excursions het regelen en bespreken van excursies, in overleg met H. H. Docenten;
  • het zich in connectie stellen met de voornaamste fabrikanten en Industriëlen om hun in kennis te stellen met den werkkring van den a.s.-Technoloog.

For TG excursions are very important. There are excursions of interest to all future engineers, high-tech institutes to refineries. For all different audiences within our association there are different excursions.

For our newcomers there is first of all the first-year excursion, a nice opportunity where you can delve into the technologists-existence for the very first time. In addition, a tour in collaboration with the course ‘introductie Processtechnologie’ is organized.

For older students there are several excursions, ranging from one-day (course related) excursions in the Netherlands to multi-day excursions outside of the Netherlands. Every year we organize the Benelux tour for undergraduate students, an exploratory tour of several days to different companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This is a fun, accessible travel.

For master students the OSTS case tour is organized in collaboration with Japie, Bernoulli and Alembic, the student associations for chemical engineering respectively Eindhoven, Groningen and Enschede. This is a multi-day excursion in which several case studies of various companies are solved. In addition, various excursions are organized by TG in collaboration with master courses and a two-day excursion.

The showpiece of the 'Technologisch Gezelschap'  is the foreign excursion tour, for third-years and older, that takes place during the summer holidays. In odd numbered years, this is a two-week trip in Europe and even numbered years traveling for three weeks outside Europe. In the summer of 2016 we visited Qatar, Singapore and Malaysia, where several companies, universities and institutes were visited.