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Welcome to the website of Technologisch Gezelschap!

We are the study association for all chemical engineering studies at Delft University of Technology. These include the BSc. programme Molecular Science & Technology and the MSc. programme Chemical Engineering. Technologisch Gezelschap is the biggest study association for Chemical Engineers in the Benelux.


  • Last week we received the sad news that one of our honorary members, J. Schoonman, has passed away at the age of 78 years old. J. Schoonman was a professor with a most respectabel career. Besides teaching at multiple universities, J. Schoonman has received an enormous amount of titles over the course of his life: (mult.) and even received 'Ridderschap in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw'.

    J. Schoonman was installed as an honorary member of TG in 1989 for helping organise multiple events and sharing his huge network with TG. We will always be grateful for all his help and our thoughts are with his family and friends.

  • We are proud to announce that Tom Burdyny won the award of Best Lecturer of the year 2021! We think the win is well deserved. We wish him the best of luck with teaching ATP and CRE this year! To read the full article, click on this link.

  • Recently we received the sad news that our Honorary Member ir. F.C.A.A. van Berkel passed away on 10-25-2021.

    At the extraordinary general meeting of November 20th, 1962 he was installed as an honorary member of the Technologisch Gezelschap at 35. Thus, he was an honorary member for almost 60 years, the longest honorary member we have had.

    In 1951 he graduated with honor under the supervision of prof. ir. L. H. de Langen on the subjects "Compressors and refrigeration technology" and "Chemical Tools". After his graduation he started working at “Algemene Kunstzijde Unie N.V.” in Arnhem. In 1958 he was detached to “N.V. Chemische Industrie AKU-Goodrich” and “ Goodrich Chemical” in Cleveland, Ohio. After working for several years in the industry, he was appointed as professor at the Mechanical and Chemical Engineering department on December 9th, 1959. He taught our chemical engineering students the subject Chemical Tools, with a speech titled “The safety in the chemical industry”. In 1966 he went back to working in the industry where he had an impressive career as manager and CEO of several companies, one of which was Tebodin.

    Van Berkel has been invaluable to the Technologisch Gezelschap. He was known for bringing students with different backgrounds together and guiding them in a way that they could collaborate well. He had a huge enthusiasm for teaching. Besides, van Berkel helped organize and guide a lot of excursions of TG. Organizing excursions is one of the core values of TG. He was always willing to open up his network and share his connections. Therefore van Berkel will never be forgotten at the Technologisch Gezelschap.

    Our love goes out to the family and all relatives of ir. F.C.A.A. van Berkel.

  • Installation 128th Board

    03 September 2021

    Last Wednesday the 128th board of TG has been installed! We are looking forward to making this year unforgettable. 

    Wietse Saalmink - Commissioner of External Affairs
    Thomas Hulshof - Secretary
    Sterre de Lange - President
    Frederieke Backelandt - Treasurer
    Jisca Barbian - Commissioner of Education

  • Today is the 130th birthday of the Technologisch Gezelschap! Previous weeks we celebrated our 26th lustrum with some awesome activities, like a cooking workshop, a pub quiz and the LuCielympics.
    Tonight we will celebrate the birthday of TG at an online dies reception at 20:00. You can join the reception by clicking here!
    *The reception will be in Dutch.

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