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Welcome to the website of Technologisch Gezelschap!

We are the study association for all chemical engineering studies at the TU Delft. These include BSc Molecular Science & Technology and MSc Chemical Engineering.


  • Weekly update

    24 March 2017

    The past week was a busy week for our TG members. The general members assembly was on Tuesday, on wednesdag we went to DSM with a group bachelor students and Thursday it was time for the committee interest drink!

    General members assembly
    One of the topics that was discussed during the general members assembly was the decoration of TG's residence. Although the association has a long and rich history, little of this is shown in the residence.

    During the assembly we agreed upon a budget to decorate the residence. TG members interested in contributing to this project can apply with a motivation at the Residence page

    Committee interest drink
    All of the committees TG is responsible for need new members in the near future, so we organised a committee interest drink. TG members from could gather information and express their interest in the committee of their choices.

    Also interested in joining on of the committees? Visit My TG for more information and the committee interest form.

  • Weekly update

    13 March 2017

    Although last week was a quiet week, the board is busy with organizing activities for the last period. Today the 5th week of quarter three has started, which means we have only one and a half period left before we can pass the baton to the 124th board. We are still very driven to organize some nice activities for our members. We have interesting projects like the master dinner, a woman’s trip to Maastricht, a Master excursion tour, and of course the foreign excursion tour. We will also install new members of honour and award the Kramers-Beek medal. In short, a lot to look forward to.

  • Weekly Update

    15 February 2017

    PLEASE NOTE: from now on the website is fully English! This could mean that some properties do not work fully as they should. If you encounter any problems please send an email to


    Last week all students were free from lectures. This means that there was time for some nice trips.

    First of all, the Benco was organised which is a four day excursion to Belgium. On Wednesday two company visits were scheduled in the morning and the afternoon. Early in the morning we travelled to Gunvor, a company in the Botlek that raffinates crude oil into different products. The morning started with an interesting case study and afterwards we had a plant tour and an amazing lunch.
    The day continued to Kemira, a chemical company that works with water refinery and also produces paper as one of its main products. In the evening we brought a visit to Bonaparte in Antwerp after which we spent the night in the Antwerp Student Hostel. The next day we brought a visit to Evonik in the bay of Antwerp. Afterwards we travelled to Gent and spent the night in the city. The last day Bayer was our host and afterwards we went to explore Leuven. In the end it was a great trip with many interesting company visits.

    At the same time the winter sports holiday was organised. Gerlos was the place where a few TG members enjoyed themselves skiing, snowboarding and during apres ski. Everyone was tired but satisfied after returning to Delft.

    Good luck with the new courses everyone!

  • Dear Student,
    Have you missed the infolunch of Tuesday? No problem, below you can find the folder in which all information is listed you will need. Still have some other questions? Don't hesitate to come to our office! You have untill January 31st to subscribe at our website.

  • Last week we had our ‘diesweek’! One week which was all about our 126th anniversary. We celebrated this wonderful moment with all our members. In this review, we will look back one more time to this great week which was marked of a lot of fun things.