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  • Last Thursday the diesweeks of TG started with Peter Hamersma taking up the challenge to play against 15 chess fanatics, resulting in 12 wins, 1 tie and 2 losses for Peter. Quite a result! We played for the brain foundation and TG doubled the amount for those who won. In total we collected €117,64 for the brain foundation!

  • New Member of Honour

    23 October 2019

    We are proud to announce that the Technologisch Gezelschap will have another new member of honour, as Peter Hamersma said yes to the question last Monday. After solving one of the most famous chess puzzles (Fischer vs Reshevsky) and visiting our medal of honour recipient Herman van Bekkum whom also prepared some challenging puzzles, we asked Peter at the van 't Hoff monument in Rotterdam. Afterwards we enjoyed a dinner together.

  • Bachelor graduation

    18 October 2019

    Last Tuesday 68 of our students had the honour of receiving their bachelor certificate after some hard working years. We would like to congratulate them once again and wish them the very best with whatever path they have chosen!

  • New Member of Honour

    11 October 2019

    We are proud to announce that Michiel Kreutzer will become a member of honour of the Technologisch Gezelschap. Last Tuesday we asked him during lunchtime. After singing 'Het Paradimethyl' we enjoyed a luxury lunch together. At the end of the academic year Michiel will be installed at a Special Members Meeting. More information will follow further on this year.                                                       Geen alternatieve tekst opgegeven voor deze afbeelding

  • Last Thursday three people of FrieslandCampina gave an evening lecture at our drinks at Bar het Lab. The bar had reached its maximum capacity, resulting in over 60 TG members whereof mostly master students. During the enjoyment of a beer or a soda and some Dutch snacks they told us what FrieslandCampina does and what it is like to work there. After the lecture they stayed around to answer questions and have a chat with the students. It was really great to have them over and the evening lecture is definitely a concept that will occur more often!


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