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In the 19th century the chemical industry in the Netherlands developed very rapidly. Because labor became cheaper, there was an increased demand in a variety of products. This led to the founding of industrial producers like the 'Nederlandse Gist - en Spiritusfabriek', currently known as DSM, the 'Bataafsche Petroleum Maatschappij' currently known as Shell, and Heineken. During the industrial revolution, in Delft students felt the urge to form a bridge between the students and the chemical industry. Professor Hoogewerff was one of the persons who insisted on this development. On December 15th 1890 Technologisch Gezelschap was founded by the gentlemen U.J. Heerma van Voss S.C.Jz and I.W.H. Westerbaan Muurling.

Her goal was formulated in article 1 of the code of conduct:

a. To hold lectures in the field of both chemistry and technology.

b. To organise and discuss excursions in collaboration with teachers and professors.

c. To get in contact with the chemical industry and to let the industry get in touch with the chemical engineering student.

The first chairman was one of the founders U.J. Heerma van Voss S.C.Jz., the first secretary W.A. Beukers A.Jz. while I.W.H. Westerbaan Muurling became vice-secretary and treasurer. The first residence, where the board works, was located at Oude Delft 48.

In the first years the most important activities were still the guest lectures. These were not only held by important figures like Van ‘t Hoff, Aronstein and Boëseken, but also by students, who were keen on showing their results to the members of the association. An excursion to the stearine candle factory in Gouda was organised, guided by Hoogewerff.

In addition to the networking aspect between students and the chemical industry, the association has not stood still. Since 1969 a Commissioner of Education is added to the board. Furthermore, a study advisor has been part of the assets within TG, a first in the Netherlands. Taking care of the student needs is therefore an important part of TG.

Currently, the social aspect of the Technologisch Gezelschap cannot be forgotten. With the variety of activities, both fun and work-related there is no reason not to be an active member.


Royal Haskoning