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Transport Phenomena (TP)

Transport Phenomena (TP)

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Contact details

Contact: Chris Kleijn

Secretary: Sandra Paffen
Phone: +31 15 2781218

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Research Group Information

Chemical Engineering is about the chemical transformation of molecules into advanced materials that are indispensable in e.g. energy and health. This requires that molecules and energy are brought together. That’s relatively easy in a lab: shaking your test tube above a Bunsen burner will often do the job. Outside the lab, in large scale industrial production, in large scale sustainable energy transformation, but also in the human body, we  need more effective ways to transport matter and heat. This is the area of Transport Phenomena, one of the core fields of Chemical Engineering, as its mastering distinguishes chemical engineers from chemists.

The section Transport Phenomena is a lively mixture of Chemical and Mechanical Engineers and Physicists. It comprises of 6 faculty, as well as some 30 BSc and MSc students, some 12 PhD students and postdocs, 2 secretaries and 3 technicians.  We welcome both MST/ChemE and TN/AP students who enjoyed (and were successful in) their courses  on Transport Phenomena.

We study fluid flow and the transport of mass and heat in processes in industry, energy, environment and biology. Current highlights in our research include the study of electrochemical and membrane systems for energy conversion and water purification, and the study of transport in the lungs and blood vessels of the human body. We work on largely different scales: from picoliters to cubic metres. We use advanced experimental techniques, based on powerful lasers (including “The Hulk”) and X-rays, to quantitatively study flow and transport. We also have fun doing very large scale computational simulations on our parallel computing beast: a cluster with hundreds of processors.

We derive the motivation for our research both from scientific curiosity and from our desire to directly contribute to problems in industry and society. We have collaborations with many companies and institutes, among which Shell, Tata, Friesland Campina, Dow, Akzo, Sabic, DSM, ASMI, TNO and Gasunie. Graduating at TP is a good start for a career in such companies and institutes.

Each year, TP organises a number of social events. Our VrijMiBo’s are infamous. In addition, TP has its own Alumni Association comprising over 250 alumni; this Alumni Association annually attributes “studieprijzen” to TP students: € 1500 for the best MSc thesis, € 500 for the best BSc thesis.