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About ExxonMobil

Exxon Mobil Corporation is a world-wide energy and petrochemical company with American roots, active in over 200 countries.

In the field of energy, ExxonMobil prospects and extracts petroleum, natural gas and coal, and processes and sells these sources of energy.ExxonMobil’s chemical factories convert raw material into solvents, plastics and other chemical products; via the sales organisation of ExxonMobil Chemical, these products find their way to the industry for chemical end products.

Headquarters are established in the United States. ExxonMobil can be rated among the most successful and financially strongest companies in the world. In the Benelux countries, most functions and divisions of both Esso and ExxonMobil Chemical have been brought together in the Central Benelux Office in Breda. In the Brussels office commercial and operational activities of ExxonMobil in Europe, Africa and the Middle East are co-ordinated, as well for Downstream Marketing as for Operations and Chemicals.