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Lunch Lecture: HoSt Bioenergy Systems

Lunch Lecture: HoSt

Come and meet HoSt at the lunch lecture of 21st of March. HoSt is a global industry-leader in the field of technology transforming waste into bioenergy and valuable end-products.  Through the use of clean and efficient conversion technologies HoSt strives for a zero-waste society. HoSt has built over 350 bioenergy systems in more than 30 countries in the last two decades. Furthermore, HoSt functions as a one-stop-shop in terms of technology portfolio scope where, alongside the building and development of facilities, HoSt also offers 24/7 service and maintenance and renewable energy as a service for heat, electricity, and renewable gases.

In this lunch lecture the founder of HoSt Herman Klein Teeselink and a recent TU Delft graduate will introduce you to the world of HoSt. Taking you through the current products of HoSt amongst which are waste derived bio-methane, CO₂ capture, and Combined Heat and Power plants. With HoSt being a leader in technological innovation new upcoming products such as bio-LNG and renewable methanol synthesis will also be shown. So come and meet HoSt, one of the contributors to the success of a circular economy and the development of the energy transition.

Since both the company and TG expect you to be there if you sign up there is a no-show fee of 3,95 if you do not show up or cancel within 48 hours prior to the lecture.