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Lunch lecture e-Refinery

On Monday 19 December, Prof.dr. Bernard Dam will give a lunch lecture on behalf of e-Refinery. Besides giving lectures for courses and doing research within the MECS group, Bernard Dam is in the board of e-Refinery. The Delft e-Refinery institute brings researchers and industrial partners together in order to develop the required technologies and human capital. Researchers in the e-Refinery initiative focus their research on the electrochemical conversion of sustainable electricity, water and air into fuels and chemical building blocks, from the molecular scale to large-scale system integration. Implementing e-Refinery will serve three important challenges that the society is facing: CO2 neutral fuels, seasonal energy storage and a defossilized chemical industry.

The lecture is in the Beijerinck Hall and starts at 12:45 pm. Make sure to sign up!