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General Members Meeting 13-10-2021

Update: On monday and tuesday, you'll be able to order food for during the General Members Meeting on the TG website if you've signed up for this event.


This event is for Dutch students only.

On behalf of the 128th board of the Technologisch Gezelschap I announce, the general members meeting which will take place on:

Wednesday the 13th of October 2021, Korvezee hall, TNW Zuid, A1.090.

The general members meeting starts at 4 p.m. and finishes around 8 p.m. In order to come, you must subscribe on the website. It will be possible to order dinner on the website one week in advance if you’ve signed up for the general members meeting.

Supplied documents such as the minutes dated to the previous general members meeting, the budgets and settlements are available for inspection at the office. However, since access to our office is limited, all the documents can also be requested for insight by sending an e-mail to You will receive an encrypted version with the key. Comments can be sent to


The agenda of the meeting is as follows:


With a firm Paradimethyl,

Thomas Hulshof
Secretary of the 128th board


Air Liquide