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Lunch Lecture Henkel

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On Wednesday 15th of September Henkel will host a lunch lecture from 12:45-13:30. During this lecture Philipp Kolb and Nicole Manugas will tell you about Henkel and the Sustainability Case they have designed for us! The Sustainability Case is a project where three teams consisting of three people (at least one master per team) will work on a case for 80 hours from the end of September till mid December. All the information required for the case will be provided at the end of the lecture, so be there! As usual, there will be Broodje Leo for the participants of the lecture, so make sure to sign up Monday 13th on 23:59. If you register after that you can still attend the lecture, but there will not be lunch for you.

If you have any questions regarding the case or the lunch lecture, please contact us at


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