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Lustrum Beachelor Boat Party

For one last time, the LuCie will organize a big party to end this lustrum year in an 'IJzerstek' way! On the last day of this academic year, the 2nd of July, the LuCie will host the Lustrum Beachelor Boat party! By then the corona regulations will be reduced enough to throw a real party once again. At 20:00 we will gather at Leuvehaven 5 in Rotterdam to enter the party boat and celebrate our anniversary for one last time. At 00:00 we will get back to the same place the boat deports.

Beforehand it is mandatory to test yourself on the coronavirus and show a negative test result by the entrance to throw the party in a responsible way. This will be an official test taken by If can't show a negative corona test at the entrance you can't join the party. The negative test will be valid for 40 hours, so can test no earlier than this 40 hours.

The party will be free for TG members, but to make sure participants show up we will work with a no-show fee of €37,50. You will be charged with this fee in the following situations: you don't show up, you can't show a corona test at the entrance, or you cancel without a valid reason. If you test positive beforehand, and therefore can't join the activity, you will not be charged with the no-show fee.

The registration will open on Thursday 17 June at 12:00, so make sure are ready to get your ticket by then! There will be 150 places available so all the TG members who want to come can join!


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