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Lunch Lecture IMC Trading

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On Thursday the 29th of April IMC Trading will host a lunch lecture from 12:30 to 13:30. During this lecture, Christoph Heller will tell you all about creating fast electronic trading systems. Make sure you sing in quickly as you can win a pair of JBL wireless earbuds!

When every Nanosecond Counts – Creating Fast Electronic Trading Systems

Nowadays, the vast majority of financial securities are traded electronically: data centres have replaced crowded trading floors and digital communication networks have replaced the shouting and hand signs of the open outcry trading of the past. Electronic trading improved throughput, fairness and determinism on the markets, but also started a speed race between market participants. Today, on technically advanced exchanges, latency differences in the single-digit nanosecond range can make the difference between getting or missing a trade. In competitive markets, participants therefore need extremely fast trading systems to monetize profitable opportunities.
In this talk, I will explain the basics of electronic trading and the interaction of a trading system with an exchange. Based on that, I will present and discuss various approaches to optimize the latency and maximize the performance of an electronic trading system. 

Christoph Heller is in charge of the FPGA designs at IMC’s futures trading desk. He is specialized in low-latency FPGA designs and the translation of trading algorithms into efficient hardware solutions. Christoph graduated in electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen University (Germany) and is holding a PhD from Stuttgart University (Germany). Prior to joining IMC in 2016, he has worked 10+ years as a research specialist in the aerospace industry.


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