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Lustrum Symposium

Supplying the Nation: The Challenges of Process Electrification

For decades researchers have been working on the electrochemical production of sustainable fuels. At the same time policy makers have made efforts to defossilize our daily lives, think about the promotion of electric cars or electric cooking. But what is the hold up and why does the implementation of such innovations take such a long time?

During the lustrum symposium of Technologisch Gezelschap on the 4th of March 2021 we will answer these questions. During this event experts from industry, politics, and research will join us in theatre De Veste in Delft to share their view on the challenges of process electrification. At the end of the day we will close off with a panel discussion with a representative from each of the before mentioned fields. For more details on our guests, hostess, and tickets, check our website!


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