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Borrelcie Movienight

Hey everyone,

You wouldn’t believe it, but after all of your enthusiasm for the crazy 88 and the bingo night, we’re back with yet another awesome Thursday night activity for all of you. This time, a Netflix party! Netflix party allows you to watch movies on Netflix simultaneously, even if you can’t sit together because of corona. 

We have chosen a fun Christmas movie to get into the Christmas mood after the sinterklaas holidays. For anyone who wants to amp the fun up a notch, we have also created a drinking game for the movie. 

As always, there’s also a way to win fun prizes :) 

The movie night will take place on Thursday the 10th of December, at around 20:00. 

More info will follow soon, so make sure to follow our Instagram @borrelcie2021, and subscribe right here on the website!


Borrelcie ’20-’21


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