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MScie Secret Santa

Secret Santa

*Free bag of pepernoten for every participant!!*

Hi everyone!
On Monday the 16th of November the MScie will organize Sinterklaas evening! Sinterklaas is a Dutch holiday where Sinterklaas goes around houses to give the little kids presents. We will celebrate with “lootjes trekken”, like secret Santa. The MScie will create groups where everyone will get the name of another group member on the 12th by email, to write a poem and buy a little present for (max. €5). On the 16th everyone will deliver and receive their present and poem, and open them on Zoom in breakout rooms while eating pepernoten! Sign up here, provide a short list of interests, and celebrate with us on the 16th!
Lots of love and pepernoten,
MScie '20/'21 (Julia, Reinder, Shawn, Dóróthea, Monica, Seba and Sue)

(Masters only)



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