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Foreign Excursion Info Lunch

We will organize on Wednesday the 27th November an information presentation to give you more details about our trip. This session will be during lunchtime. Location: Korvezee lecture room.


What is the Foreign Excursion Tour (FET)?

The FET is a study related trip organised by the committee named Buisco. In odd numbered years this is a two-week trip in Europe and even numbered years traveling for three weeks outside Europe. In the summer of 2018 we visited the United States of America and Canada. Last we've been to Scandinavia and visited Denmark, Sweden and Norway. 2020 will be an even numbered year again, so we will go intercontinental! We will go to South-Korea!

This studytrip is organised to bring you students in contact with chemical companies abroad, expand your horizons and to learn. On this trip we will visit around 10 companies and 3 Universities, all over South-Korea. By visiting a company you will get a clear view of how it's like to work at a chemical company in an Asian culture. Besides the company and university visits we will also take good adventage of the location that we're at. Hiking through the mountains and visiting Asian temples will definitely be part of the programme. South-Korea has a beautiful nature that we will experience, for sure!

To make this studytrip possible and to prepare you for this trip, everyone has to do a case study of 80 hours prior to the trip. This case study will take place in the fourth period of the semester - 40 hours - and the week before departure - the other 40 hours intern. 

How to apply for the FET?

There are 26 places to attend this study trip, including the Buisco committee and the Board. To attend the selection procedure you have to come by Julia van Dam, at the TG residence. More about the selection procedure will be explained on the form and you can always ask the members of the board or send an e-mail to 



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