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Behind the scenes @Harbour Rotterdam

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Behind the scenes @Rotterdam

During this Behind the Scenes @Rotterdam, which is co-organised with VNCI, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Municipality of Rotterdam, you will experience the solutions and opportunities offered by chemistry. Opportunities in the field of innovation, infrastructure, energy transition and the labour market. In the morning, chemical companies offer a look behind the scenes and show how they work, what kind of innovations they develop, what they make and to which consumer products this leads.
In the afternoon programme, speakers will take you on a journey through the present to the future and in separate sessions they will show you how the transition is being worked on. Come and listen to the story of Professor John Grin (UvA). He is interested in understanding the 'politics' of knowledge and technology, ways to analyse them; and about how knowledge and technology could help to solve social problems, rather than create them. And discover in the mini-master class 'Scientific Storytelling' how to tell the story of the industry in an exciting way.

You can find the full program and subscribe on the VNCI website.


Air Liquide