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Teacher Of The Year

Dear students,

The elections for Teacher of the Year have begun! You can now vote for your favourite teacher of our department.
These elections are the first round of the Teacher of the Year elections. In the second round, the best teacher of our faculty will be chosen.

Please let all your fellow students know that they can vote as well. 

Needless to say, you are only allowed to vote once!

Below you  can find the list of teacher for whom you can vote for!

1.Akker, H.E.A.van den (Computational transport phenomena)
2.Arends, I.W.C.E. (Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technology)
3.Berg, R.J.B.H.N. van den (Practicum Basisvaardigheden)
4.Besseling, N.A.M. (MTD)
5.Boukany, P.E. (Reactor and Kinetics, Soft Matter for Chemical Products)
6.Bourgondien, M.J. (Radiological Health Physics)
7.Bouwman, E. (Anorganische Chemie, Chemie en Toepassingen van Overgangsmetalen)
8.Bruin, P.J. (Calculus 2)
9.Buda, F. (Theoretische Chemie 1)
10.Bykov, D. (Chemistry of Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Chemistry and Physics of Actinides)
11.Conesa Boj, S.C. (Electron Microscopy Characterization of the Nanoscale)
12.Dam, B. (Chemische Thermodynamica)
13.Denkova, A.G. (Nuclear Chemistry, Introduction to Nuclear Science and Engineering)
14.Eelkema, R. (Practicum Basisvaardigheden, Design and Synthesis of Advanced Chemical Products)
15.Eral, H.B. (SPDO, Scheidingstechnologie)
16.Esch, J.H. (Structuur en eigenschappen van materialen)
17.Filippov, D.V. (Organische Chemie, practicum, Organische chemie en structuuranalyse)
18.Fokkink, R.J. (Statistische Methoden)
19.Geerlings, J.J.C. (Duurzame Ontwikkeling en Kringlopen)
20.Grozema, F.C. (Quantumchemie en fysica, Numerieke Technieken, Computational Materials Science)
21.Haan, A.B. (Product and Process Design)
22.Hamersma, P.J. (Fysische Transportverschijnselen)
23.Hanefeld, U. (Katalyse, AB)
24.Hollmann, F. (Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technology)
25.Houtepen, A.J. (Chemisch Productontwerp, Design and Synthesis of Advanced Chemical Products)
26.Huitema, K.R. (Radiological Health Physics)
27.Jager, W.F. (Design and Synthesis of Advanced Chemical Products)
28.Jong, W. de (Energy from Biomass)
29.Juurlink, L.B.F. (Algemene en Anorganische chemie)
30.Kapteijn, F. (Inleiding procestechnologie, Reactor and Kinetics, HETcat)
31.Keijzer , M. (Calculus 1)
32.Kelder, E.M. (Algemene en Anorganische chemie, Functional Ceramics)
33.Kenjeres, S. (Advanced Physical Transport Phenomena)
34.Konings, R.J.M. (Chemistry of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle)
35.Koper, G.J.M. (MTD, IE,)
36.Koper, M.T.M. (Katalyse, Fysische Chemie en Kinetiek)
37.Kramer, H.J.M. (SPDO)
38.Kreutzer, M.T. (Chemische Reactorkunde, ATP, MTP)
39.Kroes, G.J. (Theoretische Chemie 1)
40.Lahaye, D.J.P. (ANM)
41.Makkee, M. (HCP, Chemical Technology)
42.Marel, G.J. (Organische Chemie en structuuranalyse)
43.Meesters, G.M.H. (Product and Product Design)
44.Mendes, E. (Structuur en eigenschappen van materialen, Soft Matter for Chemical Products, MTD)
45.Mudde, R.F. (Fysische Transportverschijnselen)
46.Noorman, H.J. (SUSD)
47.Nugteren, H.W. (Duurzame Ontwikkeling en Kringlopen, Milieu Veiligheid Maatschappij, Product and Process Design)
48.Oehlke, E. (Nuclear Chemistry)
49.Olsthoorn, R. (Biochemie)
50.Ommen, J.R. (EfB, NT, MRE, PDC)
51.Osseweijer, P. (Maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen)
52.Overhand, M. (Organische Chemie 2)
53.Overkleeft, H.S. (Biomolecular Chemistry)
54.Pannu, N.S. (Chemische analysemethoden)
55.Picioreanu, C. (SUSD)
56.Portela, L. (ANM, PDC)
57.Renaud, N. (Numerieke Technieken)
58.Rohde, M. (Introduction to Nuclear Science and Engineering)
59.Santoni De Sio, F. (Ethics and Engineering)
60.Savenije, T.J. (Chemistry and Physics of Solar Cells, Structure/Property Relationships of Advanced Chemical Products)
61.Schmidt-Ott, A. (NT)
62.Schouwenburg, M. (Radiological Health Physics)
63.Siebbeles, L.D.A. (Quantumchemie en fysica, Structure/Property Relationships of Advanced Chemical Products)
64.Stankiewicz, A.I. (Process Intensification)
65.Stefanidis, G. (Process Intensification)
66.Steijn, V. (Inleiding Procestechnologie, Molecular Transport Phenomena)
67.Straathof, A.J.J. (Chemische Biotechnologie)
68.Sudholter, E.J.R. (Milieu, Veiligheid, Maatschappij)
69.Veen, M.A. (Scheidingstechnologie, Structure/Property Relationships of Advanced Chemical Products)
70.Verheij, J.A. (Lineaire Algebra en Differentiaalvergelijkingen)
71.Vlugt, T.J.H. (Molecular Thermodynamics)
72.Wolterbeek, H.T. (Nuclear Chemistry)
73.Florea, B. ( Chemische Analysemethoden)
74.Meijer, J. (Quantumchemie en Fysica)
75.Rassaei, L. (Chemische Biotechnologie)
76.Fraaije, J.G.E.M. (Computational Drug discovery and Development)
77.Geurra Ones, V. (ANM)
78.Bildea, C. (Process Dynamics & Control)
79.Ottens, M. (Bioseperations)
80.Kooyman, P.J. (Structural characterisation)
81.Smet, L.C.P.M. de (Structural Characterisation)