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Master Dinner


*** Masters only ***

On Thursday the 7th of March, the first company dinner of the year will be held. For this dinner we have invited Royal Haskoning and Technip Energies to come and talk to you.
During this amazing 3-course dinner for only €15,-, several representatives from both companies will be joining us at the table to allow for some informal chitchat. There will also be presentations between courses about what these companies stand for. Also two drinks are included in the price.

There are only 21 tickets available. For this dinner we will be working with a CV selection. So when you sign up through the TG site you have to upload your CV. You can do this until the 26th of February and on the 29th of February you will be informed whether or not you have been selected. If you are selected, you will have to pay the €15,- entrance fee.

Some more details about the night:
•    We will start at 18:00 and wrap up at around 22:00.
•    The dinner will be held at Huszar
•    We expect you to dress TG appropriate, so a suit with proper footwear and a TG tie or necklace for males/females, respectively.

Lastly, if you cannot make it for any reason whatsoever, please let us know at least 36 hours in advance at Both the companies and TG expect you to be there, so not appearing without notifying us at least 36 hours in advance will result in a no-show fee of €10,-.


Royal Haskoning
Mott MacDonald