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Thesis orientation day

Dear master and bachelor students,

Not sure where you want to do your bachelor or master thesis? Come to the Thesis Orientation Day! This year, the Thesis Orientation Day will take place in the afternoon of the 14th of February. During the day, several research groups from the faculty will give a short presentation about what they do. After the presentations, there will be a poster market in the Atrium with some drinks and snacks.

13.30 tot 14.30  Bachelors BEP information session  
14.30 tot 15.45  Leidse research groups (maximum of 10 minutes per presentation)  
  Bioorganic Synthesis (BioSyn)  
  Metals in Catalysis, Biomimetics and Inorganic Materials (MCBIM)   
  Supramolecular and Biomaterials Chemistry (SBC)   
  Molecular Physiology (MolPhys)   
  Theoretical Chemistry (TC)  
  Biophysical Organic Chemistry (BPOC)  
  Catalysis and Surface Chemistry (CASC)   



Start rounds (10 min presentation, 5 minutes hall switch)

Korvezee hall (left column) Beijerinck hall (right column):

16.00 Intro Monique for master students Information about materials master for bachelor students (Georgy)
16.15 PPE (Alina Rwei) Materials Science department (Georgy Filonenko)
16.30 MECS (Tom Burdyny) CE (Monique van der Veen and Atul Bansode)
16.45 ARI (Antonia Denkova or Robin de Kruijff) BPE (Cees Haringa )
17.00 RST-Reactor Physics and Nuclear Materials (Nick ter Veer)
OM (Laurens Siebbeles)
17.15 RST-Storage of Electrochemical Energy (Erik. Xuehang or Lars) P&E, ME (Brian Tighe)
17.30 BOC (Ulf Hanefeld) ISE (Adarsh Kalikadien)
17.45 TP (Valeria) ASM (Rienk Eelkema)
18.00 EngD (Pieter Swinkels) PSE (Tony Kiss)
18.00  Start postermarket and drinks in the atrium (till 19.30)  

For bachelor students, there is an information session from 13.30 to 14.30, and between 14.30 and 15.45 seven research groups from Leiden will give a short presentation as well. 



Royal Haskoning
Mott MacDonald