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Flunkyball Tournament - TiGers Lustrum


Dear TG members,

This year is the TiGers lustrum 'Niet te temmen'! To celebrate this all our activities are open for all TG members, so it does not matter if you are not a TiGer member. I'm here to announce our first activity this year: a Flunkyball tournament! This is a fun game that combines a ball sport with beers. The tournament will take place on the 4th of october in Delftse Hout. The tournament starts at 5.30 PM.  We will make the teams after the registration closes. If you prefer to make your own team, please write down the names of your team members in the notes of the registration. All team members need to register via the website! The price is 5,50 euros per person, this includes the beers and some snacks! If you don't want to drink alcohol at the tournament, you can choose the option 'Non-alcoholic drinks', so everyone can join! We as the TiGercie hope to see you there!

With a loud Raaaaawrrr,
The TiGercie🐯

The Flunkyball reader can be found here



Mott MacDonald