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Lustrum sweaters

--- Is your size sold out? Don't worry, we can order more, just sent an email to! ---

Dear members,

This academic year is slowly coming to an end. Many are studying hard for exams, and we would like to wish everyone luck with the last exams/deadlines before summer break. Next year TG will celebrate it’s 130th birthday! This year we have been working hard to make sure that next year will be unforgettable. To make sure that you have something to remember it by, and wear all year long: A LUSTRUM SWEATER! This is the first lustrum gadget that you can buy. SEE PICTURES BELOW.

If you are in Delft on the 26th of June, the lustrum committee will personally bring your purchased lustrum sweater! Along with the sweater a small surprise will be given as well. So make sure to fill out this google form ( If you are not in Delft on the 26th of June, your sweater will be reserved, and during the start of the lustrum year you can come pick it up. Further details about this will come later.

With an ‘IJZERSTERK’ greetings,
The Lustrum Committee


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