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MScie Ice skating

It's winter time, which means that it is the time for one of the most famous dutch sports: ice skating. 

Have you always wondered what it's like to glide over the ice on small blades? Or do you already know how to ice skate and do you want to learn your fellow students how it works?

Come to the next MScie activity! We will go ice skating in the ice skating rent in Rotterdam. We will leave at18.30 from Delft station. You can also travel there by yourself, we will send an email with the exact times later. 

You can join us for only euros! Ice skates are included in this amount. Bring your Delft student card as a deposit for the ice skates!

If you can't pay with iDeal at the TG website, you can click on the ticket option 'Tickets MScie Ice skating for people without iDeal' and transfer 6 euros to NL64 ABNA 0619 0181 00 and add in the description ' MScie Ice skating + your name' . If you have any questions, please come to the TG office.


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