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Crazy 88

ACDcie presents a crazy 88 on the 12th of November. We start at 7:30PM at the Markt in Delft. It will take approximately 2 hours after which we will go to a bar to announce the winner and present them with a legendary gift! We will play with groups of 5 to 6 people and per group the entry fee is 10 euro's. Don't have a group yet? That's okay, buy a 1 person ticket and we will try to find a group for you.

A crazy 88 is typically a contest at which you have to succeed as many of the 88 challenges with your group that we give you. Each exercise is worth a certain amount of points which will give a winning group at the end. During the challenges you will have the change to explore the city and get to know one another even better. The exercises will be handed over on the day itself. 


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