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Thesis Orientation: Lab tours!

Dear students, 

In November the Thesis Orientation Day took place. During this event you were able to take a glimpse at what the research groups of our department can offer.
The lab tours are the next step to orientate yourself for your thesis. During the lab tours, people of the faculty will give you a tour through their section and tell you a bit more about what projects are done and about the group in general. 

The lab tours will always take place during the break. So starting between 12.30-12.45 and will end around 13.30. 

For now you are able to participate in two lab tours of different research groups.
If you would really like to join for a third research group, please contact the Commissioner of Education of TG via

The schedule for the lab tours are as follows:


Monday 15-01 Tuesday 16-01 Wednesday 17-01  Thursday 18-01 Friday 19-01

Intensified Reaction & Seperation Systems
    Organic Materials & Interfaces Materials for Energy Conversion Storage
Monday 22-01 Tuesday 23-01 Wednesday 24-01 Thursday 25-01 Friday 26-01

Opto-Electronic Materials

Advanced Soft Matter

Transport Phenomena

Catalysis Engineering
Monday 29-01 Tuesday 30-01 Wednesday 31-01 Thursday 01-02 Friday 02-02
Product and Process Engineering