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Active members weekend ticket sale

Dear members, 

On Friday the 19th of April it is time for the first active members weekend of TG! We will travel by bus from building 58 at 17.00, to go spend the weekend at a secret place in the Netherlands. On Sunday we will be back around 15.00. During this weekend you can chill, party, and do some amazing activities with all your favourite study mates. We will provide all your meals, travel, and a bed to sleep in! The weekend will cost 25 euros (including travel, food, and overnight stays).

There are 5 different packages you can add on your sign-up tickets:

  • Beer package small: including 6 halve leo's
  • Beer package big: including 12 halve leo's
  • Wine package small: including 2 bottles of wine
  • Wine package big: including 4 bottles of wine
  • Soda package: including 2 bottles of soda (you can leave your preferences in the form)

The registrations are exclusive for the early signed-ups , but we have some spots left, please mail if you still want to come!

The ticket shop closes at April 8th 17:00

We hope to see many of you at the weekend! 


Royal Haskoning
Mott MacDonald