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Review of our anniversary week

Stijn Strebus

Last week we had our ‘diesweek’! One week which was all about our 126th anniversary. We celebrated this wonderful moment with all our members. In this review, we will look back one more time to this great week which was marked of a lot of fun things. 

On Monday we kicked off with the yearly dinner, we enjoyed on this evening of a delicious dinner at restaurant the Wijnhaven. On Tuesday, we continued our week with the beer cantus. A band was playing singalong songs and the member were enjoying beers at the Delftsche Studenten Sociëteit ‘Phoenix’. On Wednesday archery tag was scheduled in a gymnastics hall. Over 20 people were shooting each other with soft arrows. Of course this week could not be ended without our real anniversary. Thursday 15th of December, we celebrated our birthday by giving away some pie to students and employees, followed by a reception. Jan Harmsen had a nice story about the Foreign Excursion Tour of 2000 to Japan. When the champagne of this drink was sold out, we moved ourselves to DSB at the Oude Delft where the yearbook presentation was given. The Publicatcie signed over 100 books with their title: Transitie. Congratulations for this wonderful book, I think everyone agrees with me this is one of the most beautiful books in TG history. And, of course it was ended in style: with a great party. DJ Reinier van der Linden played songs over 5 hours, so many thanks for you!

Also we would like to thank the ACDcie for organizing this week, we had a great week and it really felt as our own anniversary.


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