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Department Day ChemE

This activity is for all TG students and all employees of the department of Chemical Engineering:

The much-anticipated ChemE department day is coming close – this amazing event will take place on Wednesday the 4th of July at 15:00 together with a barbecue at 17:30. During the department day, a professional graffiti artist will help us develop our artistic senses by teaching us the basics of graffiti art. Utilising our newfound skills, each group will cooperate to create a stunning piece of ChemE artwork!

After this inspiring workshop, you can come enjoy a barbecue with the rest of the members of our faculty. Both the workshop and barbecue will take place on the field between the Fellowship and LMS. Best of all – these activities are free of charge! Don’t forget to sign up for the workshop and/or barbecue via the following link: