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Educational News

Dear reader,

A lot has happened in the world of education since the last edition of the TG Magazine, which is already over two months ago. Next to exams and many fun activities including the Dies Celebration of TG, there were of course the Christmas holidays, a time which is always in the light of quality time with the family and celebrating the new year. I hope everyone had the chance to rest during the Christmas holidays and is eager to ace their upcoming exams. I would like to recap some of the activities of the past few months and already look ahead to what the third period has to offer.   

Thesis Orientation
On November 29th of 2017, the Thesis Orientation Day took place. A first opportunity for students to orientate themselves on their Bachelor and Master thesis. A record-breaking 107 people signed up for the TOD! I am very happy that each research group could attend the TOD and it was attended by Inorganic System Engineering (ISE) for the first time. ISE is a new group, founded this academic year. In case any of you is interested in the presentations given that day please send me an e-mail and I will send it to you. 

During the past few weeks, there was a second opportunity to orientate on thesis projects. Each group gave a lab tour during the break, which Master students could attend. During the lab tours various projects of PhD students were shown to indicate what kind of research one can expect if a student decides to do a thesis project at that group. A huge amount of students signed up for the lab tours, which is very important. I hope that the lab tours gave the participants a good impression of each research group and has helped in the adventure of finding a research group at which one would like to do their Master Thesis.    
Upcoming activities

I would like to take you back to September, back to the first activity of the Career Investment Committee of this academic year: “Alumni Drinks”. Due to the great potential of this activity and the large amount of alumni who are very interested to tell you about their career, there will be will a sequel in the third period. On Friday the 23th of February the second edition of the “Alumni Drinks” will take place. Signing up will soon be possible on the website of TG.

In December of 2017, the first activity of the Master committee took place. We celebrated ‘Sinterklaas’, one of the oldest Dutch traditions,
in our bar at the faculty. One of the highlights of this evening was when Sinterklaas himself visited us before going back to Spain. All in all, it was a very nice evening with all of you! The second activity of the MScie will take place at the beginning of the third period. The MScie will organize a movie night! I am already looking forward to this evening.      
February will be an exciting time for the Bachelor as well as the Master programme. Every five years our programme is reviewed by an official organisation called IChemE. For the future of our programme it is very important to get a good accreditation of IChemE. The accreditation will take place for several days at our department. IChemE will look at the programme as a whole and is eager to speak to a lot of people, including the students. In the next magazine I hope I can give you an update about the accreditation of our programme.
For quite some time now it is possible for students to download exams of the past year for almost every course. Since last year it is also possible for yourself to upload exams in your possession. Up until recently there was no database of summaries on our site for you
to utilize. However now that is also possible!
Together with Floris, our lovely secretary, we have made it possible for you to upload and download summaries on our website. I would like to encourage you all to upload all exams and summaries in your possession which are not on the site yet to help us enlarge our database.

In the first half of this academic year I have learned a lot and I am sure that that will be no different for the rest of this year. I am proud to say that I am every bit as motivated as I was in the beginning of this year. As mentioned above, there are still a lot of wonderful activities to come and I hope to see you all there.  

I hope you will enjoy the upcoming break and if you are going on winter sports, please be careful!

With a firm Paradimethyl,
Egem Demirtekin


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