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FSR '20-'21

FSR '20-'21

Each year MST is represented by two students on the Faculty Student Council. At the moment the FSC is comprised of 9 members that represent the students of the faculty of Applied Sciences.

The FSC is involved in all sorts of matters that are important to students and represents their interest on the faculty level. Where the Board of Studies is more focused on the courses of our university programme, the FSC is concerned with the bigger picture. An example of an improvement that we wish to introduce is to make our faculty more environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, waste is not yet being sorted and causes it to be thrown into the same container, including plastic and biodegradable products. As FSC we want to introduce different sorts of waste bins in the faculty so that recycling will be possible. 

In the last couple of years, the FSC has achieved quite a few goals in order to improve the faculty. From now on, all teaching assistants will receive a training before they are allowed to help students during instruction and practicals. This is a big step towards the improvement of education at the faculty. Furthermore, a number of issues regarding the new Applied Sciences building have been addressed, such as the lack of bins and the uneven temperature regulation. To make sure that the FSC actually produces results, we have a meeting with all members once a week. Next to that, we have a large meeting every six weeks with all programme directors, programme coordinators, the head of Educational and Students affairs and the dean of the faculty. Here we talk about the problems and improvement in and for the faculty.

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the FSC? Send an email to or come and talk to us.



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