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Career Investment Committee

The Career Investment Committee is a new addition to the platform of education of TG in 2016. This newfound committee aims to improve the career development of students as well as raising their awareness about smaller (partial) chemical companies and to offer support to the parties involved. Therefore we seek innovative and interesting start-ups and SMEs to cooperate with in future events which could be in the style of a lecture or workshop provided by TG. If you are interested in activities of the CIC or have a question, contact us at:

Why was the CIC created?

Advanced chemical engineering students have noticed a widening gap between students and companies. Huge firms from the chemical sector will give informative lunch lectures but it is the only insight available of a future career. The smaller (partial) chemical companies are left out, even though these are the businesses where a lot of students end up. These kind of chemical businesses also provide a very challenging work environment and therefore need well educated students. The potential of start-ups and SMEs is forgotten when these could offer a master internship as well as a future career. Raising the awareness about the smaller chemical industry would improve the opportunities of students and also the growth of these new innovative companies.

How we can help you:

Similarly, the widening gap between students and their career hasn’t gone unnoticed. Many students start without having a clear image of their future career. Career development should be on a student’s mind from the start of their study to avoid struggling in a later stage and  to help you to reach the future job you want to have. Career development can already be crucial when a master student is seeking for an internship. Getting an internship in the prospect of a career is one of the most successful ways to get the desired job after graduating. The CIC will help you to develop the skills needed to find the right internship and eventually your career!


Mott MacDonald