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Kramers Beek medal

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When Hans Kramer became the professor of Physical Technology around sixty years ago, the laboratory that would later bear his name chose a new direction to follow. Demonstrations were traded in for experiments. Processes were split into building blocks to create awareness under the students of the entire process, as well as of the individual components. In the words of his student, who would later also become professor, Wiero Beek: 'Professor Kramers approached Physical Technology in a playful manner.' This is the way Professor Beek would later build upon.

Some time ago, the Kramers-Beek Fund was founded. This fund would, through a biennial medal, pass on the mental legacy - the playful and fundamental style of working - of prof. dr. ir. H. Kramers and em. prof. dr. ir. W.J. Beek. This fund was managed by the Technologisch Gezelschap, the study association for Molecular Science and Technology and Chemical Engineering in Delft. TG would carry responsibility for the medal that would be given out every two years. The medal would be awarded to a physical engineer who had shown to operate remarkably playful in the area of Physical Technology.

Sadly, the Technologisch Gezelschap decided together with former winners, that the medal would not be awarded anymore. The strict rules followed in laboratories and the introduction of extremely precise measuring devices does not allow for the playful manner of conducting research anymore. Therefore, to not downplay the meaning behind the award, the Kramers-Beek medal will not be awarded anymore.

The winners of 2013 and 2015 are respectively:

Prof. dr. ir. W.P.M. van Swaaij

Prof. dr. ir. C. R. Kleijn


Mott MacDonald