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AS connect

Applied Sciences connect (ASconnect) is a new career event especially organised for Applied Sciences students! It will be organised by students from four different AS studies: Life Science & Technology, Molecular Science & Technology, Nanobiology and Applied Physics. Companies related to these studies will present themselves and show what it means to work in the field. Therefore, it will give students a better understanding of what opportunities they have after graduation.

The first edition of ASc will be in the afternoon of June 14th 2017!
ASc can be reached at

Applied Sciences connect committee 2016/2017:

Chairman Christine van Tuyll
Secretary Demi van den Blink
Comissioner Logistics Anee-Kee Doing
Commissioner Promotion Jordi Alkemade
QQ TG Stijn Strebus
QQ VvTP Boris van Breugel
QQ Life Sophie van Leur
QQ Hooke Rachel Los