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Excursion Albemarle - CANCELLED


Unfortunately, the Albemarle excursion is cancelled due to the corona virus. We don't know yet if it is possible to reschedule it to another date in this academic year, but we will keep you updated.

Apologies for this inconvenience.


The Albemarle Catalysts production site in Amsterdam which began its operations around 1900 under the name “Ketjen.” Since then the Ketjen factory has expanded to a large Catalysts production site.

The main activity of the site is production and research of Catalysts for the petro-chemical industry. These Catalysts are used for the production of high quality fuels such as gas, petrol, diesel and kerosene from crude oil. On the Amsterdam site, three plants are in operation; an FCC plant, producing Fluid Cracking Catalysts (since 1953), a HPC plant, producing Hydro Processing Catalysts (since 1956) and a multi-purpose plant, producing Isomerization, Methyl Chloride, Methyl Amine, Melamine and Oxychlorination Catalysts. A research center and several supporting departments are also located on the Amsterdam site.

Are you interested in learning more about Albemarle and this site in particular? We will visit the Albemarle site on the 18th of March. There will be an introductory talk where we will learn more about the plant. Afterwards, we will get a plant tour and a small case study about Albemarle. Lunch is included in the program.

We will leave from the Applied Sciences building at 9.30. We will have a full program at the Albemarle Site and we will be back around 17.00.


If you sign up, we expect you to be there all day! If you can't make it, please send an email to


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